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    • 产品名称:


    • 英文名称:

      Proteinase K

    • 所属类别:
    • 货号:
    • 别名:
      Endopeptidase K,Tritirachium alkaline proteinase
    • 产品描述:

      CUSAg (WUHAN HUAMEI BIOTECH CO.,LTD) has recently launched a batch of high- quality proteinase K. Our company's biochemical detection platform was used to characterize  the self produced proteinase K and showing its high purity and enzyme activity. It is applied in the COVID-19 nucleic acid extraction kit and  completely digest various nucleases and other proteins.It can prevent  viral nucleic acid degradation and optimize extraction efficiency. Both liquid/lyophilized powder can be provided to meet the detection requirments of COVID-19/HCV/HBV.

    • 纯度:
      90%±5% by SDS-PAGE
    • 形态:
    • 保存条件:
      The shelf life of the lyophilized form is 24 months at -20℃/-80℃, 18 months at 4℃, and 12 months at room temperature.
    • 来源:
      Tritirachium album Limber
    • EC号:
    • 活性:
      ≥30 U/mg
    • 活性定义:
      One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that catalyzes the formation of 1 umol of tyrosine per minute at pH 7.5 at 37°C.
    • 热稳定性:
      Enzyme activity maintains above 95% when it store at 4℃ for 1 year
    • 配置说明:

      1. 分子生物学级别的蛋白酶溶液并非无菌制剂.若用于细胞或无菌实验,建议用0.22μm过滤器过滤除菌.

      2. 为了您的安全和健康,请穿好实验服并佩戴一次性手套和口罩操作。

      3. 建议所有除菌过程使用蛋白吸附性低的聚醚砜(PES)或聚偏二氟乙烯(PVDF)材质的滤膜。

    • 应用:
      Genomic Genomic DNA,RNA Purification, Gene diagnostic kit, ISH
    • 规格:
      100mg, 1g, 1kg
    • 图 片:

      (Tris-Glycine gel) Discontinuous SDS-PAGE (reduced) with 5% enrichment gel and 15% separation gel.The purity and the molecular weight of CUSAg proteinase K were over 95% and 28.9 kDa by SDS-PAGE.

      According to the absorbance A275 for the vertical axis, the different concentrations of tyrosine as the horizontal axis, the standard curve was drawn. Then, the enzyme activity was 30U/mg by calculating.

      The proteinase K was stored at 4°C for one year. Enzymetic activities were asaayed every month during one year.As shown in Fig.3, it indicates that proteinase K is stable and enzyme activity is maintained more than 95%.

      Activity measurements from were compared to from three other vendors. Proteinase K from CUSAg is better than other vendors.

      Detect Nucleic acid residue by agarose gel electrophores

      Detect DNase residue by agarose gel electrophores

      Detect RNase residue by agarose gel electrophores